Eventos sociales

Wednesday, 25th of September. 

Concert of Máquina de Trevithick, a song-fusion quartet with jazz, Latin and progressive influences. Hypnotic bass cycles with subtle developments on a drums of forceful and creative touch, a saxophone with fine line melodies as suggestive as surprising. Songs of a thousand readings, images in the lyrics and speech in the melody. A formation that has three members of the SEPLN family, Enrique Amigó (guitar and vocals, UNED), Víctor Fresno (electric bass, UNED) and Julio Gonzalo (Soprano / tenor saxophone, UNED), accompanied by Gabriel Vidanauta on drums.

Hika Ateneo 20:30, Ibeni Kaia, 1, 48006 Bilbo.


Tram Stop: Atxuri


Thursday, 26th of September.

Gala Dinner

Bistro Guggenheim bilbao


Tram Stop: Guggenheim

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