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S3FORKIDS: Haurrei zuzendutako soluzio adimendun eta unibertsal berria web informazio segurua bilatzeko

A new intelligent and universal solution for the safe search of web information aimed at children.
(2018 - 2019)

This project aims to develop a new intelligent web search engine, dedicated especially to children, by providing them a perfect tool for searching oriented content and recommended for their age. The general objective is to maximise security and transparency in children's access to the Internet.
This engine, built through disruptive techniques of big data, cloud computing, deep learning and natural language processing, will be capable of capturing, classifying and searching for information from any location and, for the first time, addressing a multilingual approach, allowing the search for content both in Basque and in other languages as Spanish and English.
Organization:  Hispavista LABS A.I.E.
Main researcher: Olatz Arregi Uriarte
Iñaki Alegria, Olatz Arregi, Nerea Ezeiza, Kepa Sarasola

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