Call for papers

Topics of interest

Researchers and companies are encouraged to send communications, project abstracts or demonstrations on topics related to language technology, including but not limited to:

  • Linguistic, mathematical and psycholinguistic models of language
  • Machine learning in NLP
  • Computational lexicography and terminology
  • Corpus linguistics
  • Development of linguistic resources and tools
  • Grammars and formalisms for morphological and syntactic analysis
  • Semantics, pragmatics and discourse
  • Lexical ambiguity resolution
  • Monolingual and multilingual text generation
  • Machine translation
  • Speech synthesis and recognition
  • Dialogue systems
  • Audio indexing
  • Monolingual and multilingual information extraction and retrieval
  • Question answering systems
  • Evaluation of NLP systems
  • Automatic textual content analysis
  • Sentiment analysis and opinion mining
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Negation and speculation processing
  • Text mining in blogosphere and social networks
  • Text summarization
  • Image retrieval
  • NLP in biomedical domain
  • NLP-based generation of teaching resources
  • NLP for languages with limited resources
  • NLP industrial applications
  • Spoken Language Processing


All information related to the conference can be found at hitz.eus/sepln2019/

Structure of the Conference

The conference will be a three-day event and will include sessions to present papers, posters, tutorials, ongoing research projects and prototype or product demonstrations connected with topics addressed in the conference.

Besides, different workshops will be held on 24th September.

Guide for authors

All contributions must be submitted electronically using the Myreview system available at www.sepln.org/myreview-sepln63/

Authors are encouraged to send theoretical or application-oriented proposals related to NLP. The proposals must include the following sections and features:

  • The title of the communication;
  • An abstract in English and Spanish (maximum 150 words) and a list of keywords;
  • The paper can be written in either Spanish or English. Its overall maximum length will be 8 pages, including references;
  • The documents must not include headers or footers;
  • Papers should NOT include the names of the authors.

The papers proposed will be reviewed at least by three reviewers, and can be accepted to be presented either as posters or as communications, depending on the program necessities. However, no distinction will be made between communications and posters in the printed version of the SEPLN journal.


The final version of the paper (camera ready) should be submitted together with a cover letter explaining how the suggestions of the reviewers were implemented in the final version. This cover letter will be considered in order to accept or finally reject the selected paper.

Manuscript submission guidelines for the SEPLN journal must be followed: www.sepln.org/?page_id=1285&lang=en

In addition, all proposals will have to comply with the following requirements, depending on whether they are papers, demos or projects.

Important dates

Deadline for the submission of Communications, Projects and Demonstrations: 31st March 2019

First notification of acceptance:16th May 2019

Camera Ready:31st May 2019

Workshop and Tutorials: 24th September 2019

Conference: 25th-27th September 2019

Projects and Demos

Like in previous years, the organizers encourage participants to give presentations of R&D projects and demos of systems or tools related to the NLP field. The session will be poster-based. For presentations on R&D projects to be accepted, the following information must be included:

  • Project title;
  • Author name, affiliation, address, e-mail and phone number;
  • Funding institutions;
  • Research Groups participating in the project;
  • An abstract in English and Spanish (maximum 150 words) and a list of keywords;
  • Maximum length: 4 pages (including references).
  • Choose 'Projects and Demos' as main topic.

For demonstrations to be accepted, the following information is mandatory:

  • Demo title;
  • Author name, affiliation, address, e-mail and phone number;
  • An abstract in English and Spanish (maximum 150 words) and a list of keywords;
  • Maximum length: 4 pages including references;
  • Choose 'Projects and Demos' as main topic.


For any enquiries regarding the programme, please contact: sepln2019@aholab.ehu.eus

For all general enquiries, please contact: sepln2019@aholab.ehu.eus

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