Online tool to extract linguistic information from a corpus

Diccionario Básico Escolar

Students basic dictionary (Cuba).


A tool for looking up verb entries in the BVI lexicon and examples in EPEC-RolSem corpus


Basque named entities recognizer/classifier


Basque lemmatizer and morphosyntactic analyzer


Basque Wordnet

Maria chatbot

Mary is capable of answering questions about a person or something else that is on Wikipedia in 3 languages: Basque, Spanish and English.


Morphological analyzer


Basque spelling corrector on-line

Basque ASR Demo

From the Aholab Group and the HiTZ center we present to the public the new speech recognition system in Basque.


Multilingual Speech 2 speech demo.

Transcripts, translates and synthesizes a spoken text.

S2S Demo


The goal of the EU-funded ENRICH project is to modify or augment speech with additional information to make it easier to process. Enrichment reduces listening burden by minimising cognitive load, while maintaining or improving intelligibility. In this demo voice enrichment is performed applying the developed techniques.


AhoTTS Demo
AhoTTS is the Aholab Signal Processing Laboratory  Text to Speech Synthesizer for Basque and Spanish. You can try it in the following link

AhoTTS Demo

AhoSR: Automatic Speech Recognizer for Basque
CALL-CAPT Aplications demos can be accessed here.
Voice conversion demo
Accesss some voice conversion samples here.
Basque Speech Recognizer
Implemented in the Elhuyar Hiztegia basque dictionary.
AhoTTS public use
AhoTTS is being use in some public media. Find it at any news from or

Bizkaifon: speech and video database for the Western dialects of the Basque Language

Bizkaifon is a multimodal (speech and video) database containing thousands recordings of the many different western dialects of Basque. Most of them are transcribed to Standard Basque. It is accessible via web through this page. The database is available at ELRA.

Iparrahotsa: AhoTTS for Lapurdian Basque

Iparrahotsa is the AhoTTS version for Lapurdian Basque.This project has been funded by the Euroregion Aquitaine Euskadi under grant EUSKADI 2012-004. You can test it in this demo shown  or download it from GitHub. 

Speech intelligibility
Enhancing speech intelligibility in noise. Demo
AhoTTS Linguistic Module (Module 1)

AhoTTS Linguistic Module performes the normalization of a Basque written text and provides an xml formatted file with the normalized and POS annotated text. The module can be executed from this link.

Automatic Speech Dubbing Demo

In the context of BERBATEK research project an automatic speech dubbing demo has been developed. The demo integrates three main technologies: automatic text and audio alignment, machine translation and text to speech synthesis. Subtitles for documentary videos in Spanish are automatically generated using the audio and the corresponding script. The subtitles are then translated to Basque and the new audio signal in Basque is generated using AhoTTS.