courses and seminars


  • Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing (DL4NLP)

This course is held twice a year, around July (20 hours in three days) and around January (35 hours in 3 weeks). Please check the next and previous courses here.

  • Introduction to Language Technology Applications

This course will introduce the most commonly used techniques to build applications based on Language Technology, with a strong practical focus to learn how to use readily available LT toolkits (Spacy, HuggingFace Transformers) in a multilingual and multi-domain setting. The aim is to acquire the required autonomy to solve practical problems by applying and developing Language Technology applications.

Winter: February-March (22.5 hours in 6 weeks)
Summer: July (20 hours in 5 days)

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  • Eustat

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  • 4Gune

The aim of the course is to provide an overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data at the present time, with special attention to methods, areas and applications. Participants should acquire a global vision of the application areas of Artificial Intelligence, especially in their areas of interest. Identify the types of problems that Artificial Intelligence and Big Data address, and learn about some generic methods to solve them. After taking this course, attendees are expected to be able to assess the possibility of applications in their business environment.

  • Short programme AI

This short talk is an introduction to AI and NLP. We will briefly describe the history of AI and NLP, including the last and incredible advances that deep learning and neural language models have brought to the field.